Saul was blinded on his way to Damascus and for three days did not eat or drink anything as he pondered this astonishing event. Meanwhile a Christian believer named Ananias was told in a vision to go the the house of Judas, on Straight Street where Saul was staying, and to lay hands on him to restore his sight. When Saul’s eyes were restored, he got up and was baptized. This was the beginning of a new creation in Christ, the Apostle Paul, one of the greatest believers to ever live. But there is much more in this story that pertains to, not only Paul, but to every believer.

We all have been born spiritually blind Eph 2:1,2,3; Ps 51:5; but God’s plan from the beginning was to restore our sight, just as He did for Saul. America experienced a rude awakening on 911 and God used Acts 9:11 to explain our potential awakening to spiritual sight. Where did this birth occur? Why naturally on Straight Street, for the crooked path that we all followed could now be changed forever, as John the Baptist proclaimed: prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him Mt 3:3.

The following are a series of eight “911 Straight Street” cards that reveal the basic fundamentals of our Christian faith, so any seeking individual can come to know the Lord, and begin changing his destiny and lifestyle from “666 Crooked Path” to “911 Straight Street.” Pr 3:5,6

Jesus was sent to proclaim recovery of spiritual sight to the blind through the preaching of the Good News Lk 4:18; 2 Co 4:6. For no one can see the Kingdom of God without being born again Jn 3:3. This is the reason why unbelievers view many of the Bible stories as fairy tales, for spiritual blindness is only removed when a lost person believes in the Lord 2 Co 3:16. Without spiritual discernment from the Holy Spirit, these miracles are deemed as foolishness 1 Co 2:14. Jesus came to open eyes and to turn them to God Ac 26:18. Those that refuse, give Jesus the evidence to pronounce eternal judgment Rev 21:8 on them Jn 9:39. To understand this verse in context, I have added words in italics to explain the intended meaning. “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see (receive eternal life by admitting that they are blind/lost in need of a Savior) and those who (think they) see will become blind (to the saving Gospel, for they will not confess that they are blind, thus their hearts are further hardened).” Mt 13:13,14,15.


Although scripture was written by men, their words were from God 2 Ti 3:16 and they were directed by the Holy Spirit in their understanding 2 Pe 1:21 guaranteeing the Bible’s validity. The Word is our plumb line to test everything in life as true or false and is good for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness 2 Ti 3:16.

Satan is the father of lies Jn 8:44, and his plan has always been to convince Bible readers that the Scriptures are unreliable and not authoritative in all spiritual and moral matters. Jesus defeated Satan’s temptations in the wilderness by quoting scripture Mt 4:4,7,10. Paul reminded his listeners that the Word is living and active Heb 4:12 and Peter stated that it will endure forever 1 Pe 1:25.



Since each Person has the same God DNA there is no contradiction in the Trinity statement: One God in three persons, for these are two different categories: essence (what it is made of: DNA) and manifestation (its appearance: three persons). Another method of classification is general and specific categories. In general, we are in the “mankind” category, but specifically, I am “george,” therefore, in describing Deity in general, they are the Godhead, but specifically, they are God the Father (Godhead in common, fatherhood in particular); God the Son (Godhead in common and sonship in particular), and God the Holy Spirit (Godhead in common and sanctification in particular). That is why Basil of Caesarea, writing in the 370’s (Letter 236.6), stated “God the Father,” “God the Son,” and “God the Spirit:” the general, then the specific category of Deity.

Identical triplets have the same DNA, but grow uniquely through epigenetic modification, thus developing distinct personalities. God has the same spiritual DNA but each Person has unique roles: (in regard to salvation) the Father plans, the Son executes the plan and the Holy Spirit completes the plan. Shield of the Trinity diagram.

Mt 28:19 confirms both truths in that there is only one God but three persons, as the verse states: “in the name,” not “names,” of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, meaning it is a united one not individual ones. This united one is used elsewhere, such as in Gen 2:24 where Adam and Eve are united and become one flesh (they are still two unique persons but in the marriage sense, they have become one entity).


When blue, red and green light is directed at one spot, white light is produced with the same circumference as the other three lights. Each Person of the Trinity is not a part of God but fully God.


God has always existed Ps 93:2. He had no beginning and He’ll have no ending Ps 90:2. Temporal vs Eternal Diagram


Jesus is coming out of the water, the Holy Spirit is descending down on Jesus, and the Father is speaking from heaven to the people demonstrating that the three are distinct Mt 3:16,17, yet they are still one spiritual being, who fill the whole universe Jer 23:24, Eph 4:10, Ps 139:7,8. If God fills the whole universe He can be distinct (manifest in three Persons) but can’t be separated.

Creation Roles: The Father planned Gen 1:26, the Son created Col 1:16 and the Holy Spirit brought life into the world Job 33:4.


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The Lord is near to all who call upon God in truth Ps 145:18. If we draw near to God, He will draw near to us Jas 4:8. The Bible states that eternal life is to know God the Father and Jesus, His Son Jn 17:3. Jesus said that He knocks on the door of our heart desiring a relationship with us Rev 3:20 while Paul prays that we would grasp the magnitude of God’s love for us Eph 3:18,19.

If we say that we love God and only spend an hour a week worshipping Him and a couple of moments talking to Him throughout our week, then we do not have a pleasing relationship with Him. How many spouses would say that they have a great marriage if they talked to each other only a few minutes daily?

You can build your intimacy with God through reading the Word, talking to Him constantly and worshipping often. To develop a grateful heart mediate frequently on God’s Promises.


Everything exists for God Heb 2:10. Therefore, our purpose should be to please Him. We can please God by worshipping Him with our lives, by offering every part of our being for His service Ro 6:13. By our obedience to God’s commandments, we demonstrate to God that we love Him Jn 14:15. As we grow in our sanctification we become more like Christ and begin to manifest parts of His character 2 Co 3:18.


Jesus said that apart from Him, we can do nothing Jn 15:5. When working in our own strength, we produce wood, hay and straw 1 Co 3:12, the gold is only produced when we are dependent upon Christ. We bear His fruit, not produce our own. Paul stated that a soldier does not get involved in civilian affairs as his focus is on pleasing his commander 2 Ti 2:4. Similarly, it is necessary, not to control our own life, but to allow Christ to live His life through us Gal 2:20. When we are dependent upon Christ, He will fulfill our purpose in life because He has prepared the good works for us to walk in, before we were born Eph 2:10.


Jesus said a household that is divided against itself cannot stand Mt 12:25. God has given man two affiliations to stand against Satan, the family and the church. The strong bond of the family protects its members from Satan’s attempts to destroy their faith in God. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children God’s ways Pr 22:6; Dt 6:5,6,7,8,9; It is the church’s responsibility to be united and work together to do God’s will 1 Co 12:12-31.


Paul said physical exercise was of some value but spiritual workouts benefit us, not only in this life but in the next one also 1 Ti 4:8. Each day we should set a goal to become more like Jesus by studying the Scriptures, then putting into practice what we have learned Jas 1:25. Sanctification is a lifelong process to become more and more godly. However, we won’t attain perfection until we receive our resurrected bodies, when we finally shed our sinful flesh and will be done with sin forever 1 Co 15:50; 1 Co 15:53,54.