You had granted me the pleasure of fatherhood.

But with favor came responsibility

To protect and nurture each treasured bloom.

However, those days of tutoring

Have long exceeded their expiry date.

For my brood have planted

And are growing their own family trees.

Yet, a father will always have father DNA

Even when his children cease to be children.


I therefore petition You, omnipotent Physician and Healer

In my daughter’s time of need

To invade her being and revive her body.


You have been compassionate

And have imparted youthful vigor

To these aging bones and organs of mine

In which I am appreciative.

Yet, brazenly, I now mediate on behalf of my beloved,

Whom You once placed in my care

To do right, which I now cannot.


Only Your power can restore.

The power that raised Your Son from the vault.

The power You displayed in calling forth Lazarus

From the land of the sleeping still.

The power that flowed

From a touch of Your garment.


Let me rejoice in Your goodness.

May my praise be an eternal spring

Splashing upon every passerby.

May I recall this exceptional day

And boast about the Lord’s lovingkindness.

For You are the same yesterday, today and forever.




Let me be in mindful prayer throughout my busy day, to intercede for others Lord and help me know just what to pray.