Jn 2:9

2 Co 5:17; Ro 6:4; Jn 15:5

Ps 37:4; Jn 8:12

Jer 29:11; Rev 21:3,4

Water to wine

The old life buried, the new with Christ entwined.

I delighted in the Light of Life

While the best was yet to come.

Ps 119:103

Isa 26:7; Pr 4:19

Col 3:2

Isa 35:8

Eph 5:31

Ps 90:10

Jas 1:2,3,4

Isa 45:3 NASB

You taught me truth, sweeter than honey

Which leveled craggy paths

And set my mind on a quest

To travel the Highway of Holiness.

Sadly, my Precious Love, whom You gave

Fluttered into the heavens, no more to behold.

But You strengthened me

With the treasures of darkness.

Isa 45:3 NASB

Eph 5:11,12

Gen 1:2; Isa 5:30; Eze 34:12

Ps 139:12

Isa 45:3 NASB

Ac 16:25

Ex 10:21,22

Ex 14:30

Lk 2:8

Lk 2:16,20

1 Co 15:55,57

Lk 22:42; Mt 26:38

Treasures of darkness!

Surely, its contents are sin—

chaos, distress and terror.

Can blessings be found there?

Have others tasted of Your secret riches?

Yes! Paul and Silas praised in gloomy blackness.

Moses stretched out his hand with darkness

Darkness that could be felt. 

Soon after Your people had their freedom.

While in the late of night

The shepherds rejoiced at the finding of Immanuel

While the Son of Man secured the victory

In the shadows and pain of Gethsemane.

Rev 3:20; 2 Co 1:3,4;

Jn 16:33; Neh 8:10

Isa 61:3



SS 5:16



So, what gift was given me?

Your presence, comfort, peace, strength and joy.

From ashes, came the vision of New Jerusalem

My mourning soothed by Your Holy Oil.

My despair, clothed in praise,

Praise for my Beloved, my best Friend.

The One with sweetness of lips

Who is altogether lovely!