10.  2 Samuel

        Son of David: God Man. 2 Sa 7:12; Mt 1:1.

God had promised David that it would be through his offspring that He would establish David’s kingdom 2 Sa 7:12. The Old Testament portrayed two Messiah’s, the first one in which Joseph was a type, the one who suffered, so his people could be saved and was prophesied in Isa 53 as the Suffering Servant. The second Messiah was the warrior, in which David was a type, a mighty conquerer, who would deliver his people from the Romans. Unfortunately, the Jews didn’t realize that these two Messiah’s were actually the same person, in the form of Jesus Christ. They didn’t want a suffering servant and rejected Jesus as they could only accept a King who would save them from physical bondage.

Jesus fulfilled all the necessary requirements coming from the line of David Mt 1:1. He was Immanuel—God with us, but was rejected by His people Jn 1:11. He will come a second time, but not as the Suffering Servant, but as the Lion of Judah to rule over all the earth Zech 14:9 for a thousand years Rev 20:4.

10. 2 Sa 7:12,13 From the royal line of David. 

2 Sa 7:16; Mt 1:1; Jn 18:36; Rev 11:15.

SELAH (For God is our God, forever and ever, He will always be our joy, Amen).