This page is dedicated to those grieving the loss of a loved one 1 Pe 5:7. Sometimes hearing sad words or music makes us feel better because we know that the artist knows our pain Heb 4:15; Isa 53:3.

Jerry’s wife Gwen passed away on September 20, 2018. On the morning of January 23, 2019 Jerry woke up from his dream crying. He had to write about it and how it made him feel. His song is called “All This To Say.”


Woke up from dreaming

That you were leaving

Only to see, you had already gone.

Funny thing about dreams

Not always as it seems

But this one had me crying at dawn.

A new world all upside down

Where to go, what to do, can’t turn around

Really don’t know where I am bound

Sad to say once a smile, now a frown.

Part of this dream came true,

What to do without you

Hoping for the Old

And fearing the new.

You always thought of me

Now I always think of you

Wishing and hoping

Are great things to do,

But waking from this dream

Broke my heart anew

All this to say I’m missing you.

All this to say I’m missing you.

by Jerry Legacy


During our small group Bible study, I shared my story of how Julia and I got engaged, reminiscing those happy days, when I gave Julia a grass ring as an engagement ring. Janet later sent me a poem that she wrote describing this happening from Julia’s perspective. This was such a kind gesture, to show me that she felt my pain of missing Julie. Below is the poem.

-The Grass Ring-

You wanted to give me the world, to show your love for me.

I already saw your love, in how you looked at me.

I said anything would do, a ring was not a must.

You looked humbly around, just above the dust.

You wanted to give me the world, just like Jesus did.

You gave me the world with your love, your love was never hid.

I preserved my ring in wax, to enjoy the moments past.

Your love for me is timeless, this love will always last.

by Janet Andre


Greg lost his wife on August 16, 2015. He shares his heart in this short poem.

I Don’t Know (Memoriam)

I don’t know why

I open my eyes;

I will never see

the like of her.

The music of my life,

its rhythm and meaning,

her sunlight gleaming:

my food, my fodder,

pushing up love

from its roots

in my soul.

You see the world, now,

through my eyes;

you breathe

my breaths.

You are the beat

of my heart.

I will cry the oceans dry

for you, my love.

You are my life,

my love forever—

by Gregory John Saxby

To check out Greg’s book “Sipping Tea” click here-


“__Real -to -__Real “

December 17 2018

Well I woke up this morning and I just smiled

Cause in my dream , she just smiled at me.

Sometimes you struggle to focus , because you really_ really, don’t want to see.

It’s a new day, still dark outside, but it seemed a little brighter from my view.

Time doesn’t heal all, it just spreads out the grief, joining past, present and the new.

The past may haunt you, the present may grieve you, the future yet to be known,

Hold on to Hope, Pray for Peace, and Lean on His Love, for you are His own.

Like on an old Reel to Reel , recording how I feel, it helps me to not fall apart.

The pain is real, the hurt is real, this emptiness that so fills my heart.

Reel to Reel or Real to Real, it really boils down to one thing.

When Grief hits as it does unannounced, you surely will feel the sting.

by Jerry Legacy


Time Will Tell 11:30 June 29 -2019

Time does not heal all of your sorrows,

But it does spread it over yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Time, time , where does it go,

Time ,time , what will it show.

Time can be a friend, or an unwanted foe,

It may take you places, you don’t want to go.

Time, time, where does it go,

Time , time what will it show.

Time waits for no one, not even you,

Can’t turn it back, where to go, what to do?

You can give yourself time , but don’t be a thief,

Time waits for no one,

Let time spread the grief.

As you wait to sense the morning,

To wait to sense the night,

Over and over time passes, still nothing seems right.

Time, time , where does it go,

Time ,time what will it show.

Longing for the past to be present in the future,

Grief needs time to be allowed to nurture.

by Jerry Legacy