Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Gal 6:11  

See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand! This seemed like such a strange thought to be so important that it was not only included in this letter to the Galatians but became part of our Bible. I don’t think too many disciples have memorized Gal 6:11 but it was important enough for God to include. Because of that last point, I believe Paul included this statement for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to authenticate that the letter was truly written by him 2 Th 3:17, as false teachers had used his name to make claims for their false revelations 2 Th 2:2. Secondly, it showed the Thessalonians Paul’s love for them, by him taking the time to write in his own handwriting. It seemed Paul might have had an eye problem from the blinding he received on the road to Damascus Ac 9:8,9; Gal 4:15 and therefore had to write in large letters in order for him to see what he had written.

Application: it is important, not to think any thought in the Bible is too trivial. God can speak to our hearts with the most mundane thought, if we spend time meditating  on it.



Monday, January 10, 2022.

Gal 5:16  

So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh: Paul supplied us with the answer on how to overcome sin—walk in the Spirit. But, practically what does that mean? It does not mean, you can overcome the flesh through obedience to the Law. You must rely on the Holy Spirit—to listen and obey His voice, through the daily reading of Scriptures. You must be open and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and pattern your life after His righteous guidance.

Application: many Christians try to overcome their flesh by following either extreme. Some are very legalistic and try to obey every jot and tittle and want everyone else to be like them—hypocrites, while the other extreme see freedom in Christ as a license to sin. Walking in the Spirit is neither. Our eyes are to be on the Holy Spirit, and when we fail, repent and continue to press into the Holy Spirt, daily becoming more like Christ Ro 8:29.



Sunday, January 9, 2022.

Gal 4:21  

Tell me, you who want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says? Paul had preached the Gospel of Grace to the Galatians and they joyfully received the message, but now they had turned back to living under the Law, having listened to the false teachers Gal 4:17.  Paul called this enslavement—observing special days Gal 4:9,10 and feared that they may not have ever been saved Gal 4:11. He wanted them to realize what the Law really stated—if they broke one law, they were guilty of breaking the whole law Jas 2:10. The Law kept one in bondage and Jesus came to set the people free.

Application: There was something in man that made him want to earn his salvation, and obedience to the Law was man’s natural default setting. However, Paul reminded his readers that the Law couldn’t save anyone, only Jesus could. The Gospel equation was “Jesus + 0 = Salvation.”



Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Gal 3:25 

Now that this faith has come, we are no longer under a guardian: the faith Paul spoke about is faith in Jesus Christ, who had died for the forgiveness of our sins Ac 3:19 and the offer of living His life through us Gal 2:20. The guardian Paul referred to was the Law. Its’ purpose was to slow down transgressions, to make the people aware of their sins Gal 3:19. However, it was powerless to overcome sin Gal 3:21. Knowing that we are sinners, unable to keep the Law to become righteous, led us to turn to Christ, the only One righteous who fulfilled the Law Ro 10:4.

Application: the purpose of the Law was to lead us to Christ Gal 3:24. The Law has done its’ work when we turn to Christ and receive His life. For those that refuse to come to Christ for life, they will pay for their own sins at the Great White throne Jn 8:24; Rev 20:11.15.



Gal 2 Sanctification
Friday, January 7, 2022.

Gal 2:11  

When Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned: Peter (Cephas) used to eat with Gentile believers but when the circumcision group arrived in Antioch, he began to draw back because of fear Gal 2:12. Fear, because of social pressure from dominant personalities, or fear from losing the support of the Jerusalem church leaders, or for whatever reason, Peter denied the truth. He remembered that even Jesus ate with sinners Mk 2:15 and he had previously eaten with Cornelius and other Gentiles Ac 11:3. So, Paul had to publicly rebuke Peter to stop this false doctrine from growing, as it had even led Barnabas astray Gal 2:13.

Application: even though Peter had become a pillar in the Christian church, he still had flesh that would rise its ugly head and cause him problems. Paul, also mentioned that he wasn’t immune to allowing the flesh to control his behavior Ro 7:19.  If these mighty giants of the faith struggled with the flesh, we can expect similar battles. In their cases, these failures were fewer and farther between, as they grew in their walk with the Lord, and that should be our goal also.



Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Gal 1:11  

I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that the gospel I preached is not of human origin: Paul made it clear to all that the Gospel he preached came not from men nor by a man but by God.

 It is the greatest love story ever, created by the Father, fulfilled by Jesus Christ and completed by the Holy Spirit. Man’s only part in this narrative is to accept this wonderful gift.

Christianity is the only religion in which works are not part of the salvation plan. Jesus took away our sin and offered His life to all men. There is nothing that man can add to the plan, except to reject or accept it. It is all from God and any distortion of the Gospel, by adding works to it, makes it a false Gospel.

Application: unconverted man’s nature is to have a part in salvation, but humility is needed to enter the kingdom. Jesus said, we must become like little children if we are to be saved—all God and none of us Mt 18:3.