God promises that He will have intimacy with anyone who opens the door of their heart to Him. Opening the door requires one to repent of their sins Ac 3:19; die to self-life and accept Christ as Lord Gal 2:20; then cleave to Him Jn 15:5.


A magnet will draw an opposite charge. We are negatively charged, sinful people, but when we turn to God, His Power will draw us to His positive character traits 2 Co 3:18 NASB. As we grow in our knowledge of Him 2 Pe 3:18 we will become more like Christ through the Holy Spirit’s guidance Jn 16:13.


These are sincere words spoken by our Lord. Do I comprehend God’s love for me? Jesus proved His unconditional love on the Cross Ro 5:8, yet I doubt His unfailing kindness in the midst of my trials in this fallen creation. Why? Because the Enemy’s purpose is to steal this bond of love Jn 10:10 with his lies Jn 8:44 and unless I counter his attack with truth, I will succumb to his fiery arrows Eph 6:16. The Bible is full of promises that will strengthen trust in God’s love. Give God’s Promise Clock a read when doubt is burdening the soul.


When I feel there’s no hope, I remember the words of angel Gabriel to Mary––no word from God will ever fail. Yes, God can do the impossible–– even have a virgin conceive Immanuel. Paul reminded believers that the Lord is capable of doing more than we can ask or imagine Eph 3:20. I will wait for God’s perfect time, and watch disappointment shamefully retreat Ps 130:5.


God, usually, doesn’t speak in an audible voice, so I must adjust to His forms of communication. It is through the Word Ro 10:17 that I will grow in my knowledge of Christ 2 Pe 3:18 and by meditating on it Ps 119:15 I will discover Jn 16:13 His perfect will Ro 12:2. While in silence, in God’s presence, I will hear His still small voice 1 Ki 19:12,13 to discern my next steps Isa 30:21. Satan will entice with the world’s noise 1 Jn 2:15,16 to block God’s voice and therefore the need to cultivate God’s presence in stillness and silence Mk 1:35.


Jesus asked Philip where could they buy bread to give the people something to eat. Philip told Jesus that it would be too expensive to feed the crowd. Andrew then informed Jesus of the crowd’s meager inventory of five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus then directed the disciples to prepare the people for the meal. He not only multiplied what they had but after satisfying everyone, twelve basketfuls of bread were gathered Jn 6:5-13.

We may feel inadequate to do God’s will, but Jesus is more than sufficient and He prefers to use weak and inadequate servants 1 Co 1:27; 2 Co 12:10.