Thank You Father for Your Manual of beautiful words.
I ruminate daily on their resplendent thoughts.
Many that I savor, I have deposited into my hard drive
To recall whenever hope or encouragement is needed.
Your precepts are an effective weapon against the Enemy
Who bends truth like light being reflected through a prism
Making a sinful masquerade appear as beautiful colours in a rainbow.   
However, the astute are never duped
For righteousness has no other shade than white.
I have learned from the bank teller
Who is taught to distinguish the counterfeit by the real
So Your Spirit teaches me godly wisdom
The power to eradicate all weeds from my garden.
When Satan’s fiery darts
Rain down inside my borders 
Your Word quickly extinguishes their flame
Filling my mind with quietude
And uniting my divided members in holy harmony.
Building a perfect triadic love motif
Of Mind, Will and Emotions.


And in the evening, after arduous labor
I rest and feast upon Your Word
Their beautiful thoughts produce gentle waves of calm. 
The tranquil rhythm drowsing me into peaceful slumber.



Your Word is my greatest treasure 
Now and forever, living and true.