APRIL 2022

Sat Apr 30/22

Verse 1

 Now in the church at Antioch there were prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen (who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch) and Saul. Ac 13:1

These men were fasting and worshiping the Lord when the Holy Spirit spoke to them to set apart Barnabas and Paul for ministry purposes.

Verse 2

“This is what the Lord says—the Holy One of Israel, and its Maker: Concerning things to come, do you question me about my children, or give me orders about the work of my hands? Isa 45:11

The people were questioning why God would use an ungodly gentile king (Cyrus) to set Israel free. God’s response was that He was the potter and they were the clay, and He didn’t take orders from His creation on what He planned to do.

Verse 3

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. Lk 2:1

These were the circumstances when God was about to bring Jesus into the world.

Sound from Heaven:  God alone, decides how and when He will implement His agenda.

With the right atmosphere—worship and fasting, the Holy Spirit chose Paul and Barnabas to spread the Gospel. God controls His creation and nothing thwarts His will and He will choose the appropriate time for all things to happen.

Fri Apr 29/22

Verse 1

Then the man in linen with the writing kit at his side brought back word, saying, “I have done as you commanded. Eze 9:11

God had commanded that all the wicked in Jerusalem be slaughtered while the righteous were spared, given a mark on their foreheads.

Verse 2

Surely you will summon nations you know not, and nations you do not know will come running to you, because of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, for he has endowed you with splendor. Isa 55:5

God encouraged Israel to share the Gospel with all the nations for they will come running to hear the Good News, desiring to become like Israel.

Verse 3

“Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘If a man or woman wants to make a special vow, a vow of dedication to the Lord as a Nazirite, Nu 6:2

Anyone wanting to make a vow of dedication as a Nazirite had to abstain from wine and other fermented drink.

Sound from Heaven:  God will judge the wicked but will accept all who receive the Truth and obey it.

God judged the wicked in Jerusalem while protecting the righteous. Israel was to share the Gospel to allow other nations to receive the Good News. Those that want to dedicate themselves to God must obey His commands.

Thu Apr 28/22

Verse 1

That kind of persuasion does not come from the one who calls you. Gal 5:8

Paul rebuked those who taught circumcision was necessary for salvation. He said that this kind of persuasion was not from God.

Verse 2

“Make up your mind,” Moab says. “Render a decision. Make your shadow like night—at high noon. Hide the fugitives, do not betray the refugees. Isa 16:3

Isaiah encouraged Moab to continue to pay tribute to Judah and they would protect her from God’s judgments coming upon the nation.

Verse 3

Let my persecutors be put to shame, but keep me from shame; let them be terrified, but keep me from terror. Bring on them the day of disaster; destroy them with double destruction. Jer 17:18

Jeremiah prayed that his persecutors be judged and destroyed but that God would protect him.

Sound from Heaven:  God uses His faithful servants to rebuke man to do what is right or face judgment.

The circumcision party was spreading a false gospel and Paul rebuked them. Moab stopped paying tribute to Judah and Isaiah encouraged them to repent or judgment would destroy them. Jeremiah had rebuked his people to obey God but they refused, so Jeremiah prayed for their destruction and his deliverance.   

Wed Apr 27/22

Verse 1

You have shriveled me up—and it has become a witness; my gauntness rises up and testifies against me. Job 16:8

Job admitted that God has led to his wasting away and his depression but Job doesn’t understand why.

Verse 2

They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded. Ps 102:26

The psalmist contrasted God with His creation. Creation will perish and will be changed but God remains the same, forever.

Verse 3

Then Job took a piece of broken pottery and scraped himself with it as he sat among the ashes. Job 2:8

Satan had just afflicted Job with painful sores but Job refused to curse God.

Sound from Heaven:  God’s will, will be obeyed by His faithful servants.

Job found himself suffering but did not blame God. God never changes—He is always good. We may not understand why God allows us to suffer but we must trust in His will.

Tue Apr 26/22

Verse 1

But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. Mt 19:30

Jesus was referring to the Jews, who were first given the assignment to be a light to the world and failed in their duty, and thus God turned to the Gentiles who were last and now will be first.

Verse 2

 I will make the house of Ahab like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat and like the house of Baasha son of Ahijah. 2 Ki 9:9

God will destroy Ahab and his household because of their wickedness.

Verse 3

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established. Pr 24:3

By God’s wisdom and the understanding of who God is, man is successful in all that he does.

Sound from Heaven:  God blesses the obedient and judges the rebellious.

The Jews failed to live out God’s commands, so He turned to the Gentiles, who previously were far from God and His wisdom. God destroyed Ahab and family for their evil actions. God blesses the man who seeks and obeys Him.

Mon Apr 25/22

Verse 1

He jammed the wheels of their chariots so that they had difficulty driving. And the Egyptians said, “Let’s get away from the Israelites! The Lord is fighting for them against Egypt.” Ex 14:25

God had ensnared the Egyptian army to deliver the Israelites from their bondage.

Verse 2

The Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high; he will fill Zion with his justice and righteousness. Isa 33:5

The Lord is just and will defeat Israel’s enemies and therefore He is exalted.

Verse 3

Curtains fifteen cubits long were on one side of the entrance, with three posts and three bases. Ex 38:14

Moses described the objects at the entrance of the tabernacle.

Sound from Heaven:  God is worthy of our praise as He is our Protector.

God defeated the Egyptians to set His people free. He will protect His people from their enemies and demand justice and righteousness in return. The entrance to God is open to all who desire to enter.

Sun Apr 24/22

Verse 1

A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Isa 40:3

God had finished punishing Israel. Now the prophets were to prepare the people to serve Him in holiness.

Verse 2

And Jacob did so. He finished the week with Leah, and then Laban gave him his daughter Rachel to be his wife Gen 29:28

Jacob was deceived by Laban and was given Leah as a wife instead of Rachel. He was given Rachel only after agreeing to work an additional seven years for Laban.

Verse 3

But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content. Ps 131:2

David is at peace with himself and content knowing his relationship with the Lord was on good terms.

Sound from Heaven:  After judgment comes peace in our relationship with God.

Israel went through a difficult time because of her wickedness, but God was about to restore His relationship with her. Jacob loved Rachel but was given Leah as a bride, but later God granted Jacob Rachel. God’s judgment on David had passed and he now welcomed his restored relationship with God.

Sat Apr 23/22

Verse 1

This is your lot, the portion I have decreed for you,” declares the Lord, “because you have forgotten me and trusted in false gods. Jer 13:25

God prophesied that all Judah would be carried into exile because they have turned away from Him.

Verse 2

But they did not listen or pay attention; they did not turn from their wickedness or stop burning incense to other gods. Jer 44:5

God warned the Jews living in Egypt, the judgment Judah went through because of their wickedness would fall on them also, unless they changed from their evil ways.

Verse 3

For Samaria’s plague is incurable; it has spread to Judah. It has reached the very gate of my people, even to Jerusalem itself. Mic 1:9

Micah prophesied for the people to weep and mourn, for God would bring disaster on Samaria and Judah because of their wickedness and the abandonment of the Lord.

Sound from HeavenJudgment is coming to the people because of their wickedness and unfaithfulness to the Lord.

Judah would go into exile for their wickedness. The Jews in Egypt were warned that the same would happen to them if they didn’t repent. Disaster would come to Samaria and Judah because of their evilness.

Fri Apr 22/22

Verse 1

Take the finest flour and bake twelve loaves of bread, using two-tenths of an ephah for each loaf. Lev 24:5

God’s instructions for preparing bread for Aaron and his sons.

Verse 2

David built an altar to the Lord there and sacrificed burnt offerings and fellowship offerings. Then the Lord answered his prayer in behalf of the land, and the plague on Israel was stopped. 2 Sa 24:25

David sacrificed offerings which caused the Lord to relent and stop the plague on Israel.

Verse 3

Ascribe to the Lord, you heavenly beings, ascribe to the Lord glory and strength. Ps 29:1

David praises God for His greatness.

Sound from Heaven:  God demands obedience for He is just and merciful.

The priesthood followed God’s instructions on how He desired to be worshipped and were blessed. Israel was rebellious, so God incited David to take a census (not putting his trust in God’s protection) which resulted in judgment (plague). David sacrificed offerings to appease God and this turned His anger into mercy. David praised God for His merciful character.

Thu Apr 21/22

Verse 1

 The Lord said to Moses, Nu 25:16

The Lord told Moses to treat the Midianites as enemies and kill them.

Verse 2

So if you consider me a partner, welcome him as you would welcome me. Phm 1:17

Paul asked Philemon to welcome back Onesimus, a slave who ran away but now has become a Christian.

Verse 3

They must be silenced, because they are disrupting whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain. Tit 1:11

Paul warned Titus about men, who had to be silenced for the damage they were doing to families through false teachings.

Sound from Heaven:  God instructed his leaders to show mercy or judgment to repentant and rebellious people.

The Midianites treated Israel as enemies, so God told Moses to do the same. Onesimus ran away from his owner but was converted through the Gospel, so God granted mercy to Onesimus through Paul’s influence. False teachers were harming Christian households so God ordered Paul to silence them.

Wed Apr 20/22

Verse 1

 If people quarrel and one person hits another with a stone or with their fist and the victim does not die but is confined to bed Ex 21:18

The guilty party must pay the injured party for loss of time until the victim is completely healed.

Verse 2

But the land could not support them while they stayed together, for their possessions were so great that they were not able to stay together. Gen 13:6

To avoid becoming foes, Abram decided to separate from Lot and give Lot the choice of which land he preferred.

Verse 3

Make models of the tumors and of the rats that are destroying the country, and give glory to Israel’s god. Perhaps he will lift his hand from you and your gods and your land. 1 Sa 6:5

The Philistines prepared a guilt offering to send to Israel to appease God for procuring His ark of the Covenant.

Sound from Heaven:  God requires reconciliation between disputing parties to restore peace.

An injured victim would be given restitution by the guilty party until he fully recovered. Rather than causing ill will between families Abram separated from Lot allowing him to choose the best land. The Philistines offended the God of Israel and prepared a guilt offering to restore peace.

Tue Apr 19/22

Verse 1

He was the one who restored the boundaries of Israel from Lebo Hamath to the Dead Sea, in accordance with the word of the Lord, the God of Israel, spoken through his servant Jonah son of Amittai, the prophet from Gath Hepher. 2 Ki 14:25

Jeroboam II recovered the territories of Israel from Lebo Hamath to the Dead Sea as prophesied by Jonah.

Verse 2

“‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: On the day I cleanse you from all your sins, I will resettle your towns, and the ruins will be rebuilt. Eze 36:33

God assured Israel that He would restore their land and forgive their sins.

Verse 3

An angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins. Pr 29:22

An angry person stirs up conflict and commits many sins.

Sound from Heaven:  God gives sinners grace.

Jeroboam was very evil but God still restored Israel’s land through Jeroboam II, who himself was wicked. Israel continued to turn from God, yet God promised that He would cleanse them of their sins and restore their land. An angry person is evil but if he responds to God’s grace, God will restore him also.

Mon Apr 18/22

Verse 1

Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through. Lk 19:1

Jesus meets Zacchaeus as He was passing through Jericho.

Verse 2

We have obeyed everything our forefather Jehonadab son of Rekab commanded us. Neither we nor our wives nor our sons and daughters have ever drunk wine. Jer 35:8

Because the family of the Rekabites obeyed the commands, God promised that they would always have a descendant to serve Him.

Verse 3

 We will enter into an agreement with you on one condition only: that you become like us by circumcising all your males. Gen 34:15

Because Shechem raped Dinah, Jacob’s sons prepared a trap to kill every male in their city.

Sound from Heaven:  God gives everyone their just reward.

Zacchaeus had a repentant heart and was rewarded with eternal life, while the Rekabites were faithful in keeping God’s command and were promised to always have a descendant to serve God. Shechem raped Dinah and his city and men were destroyed because of his sin.

Sun Apr 17/22

Verse 1

These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts. Zec 8:16

God told Judah that He would bless them, and they were to speak truth to each other and as a nation be just.

Verse 2

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.  Rev 12:1

This was a symbolic picture of Israel, who was about to give birth to the Messiah—Jesus and would be attacked by Satan.

Verse 3

Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy our brother, To Philemon our dear friend and fellow worker— Phm 1:1

Paul was writing to Philemon, a fellow Christian, to ask him the favor of letting his slave Onesimus remain with him to help in the ministry.

Sound from Heaven:  God plans and foretells the future.

God told Judah that He would bless them, and that the nation Israel would bring forth the Savior but the Enemy would later pursue her people. Paul asked Philemon for a favor. The Bible does not say if Philemon honored Paul’s request, but because Philemon allowed his letter to circulate to other churches seems to be evidence for him granting Paul’s request. Either way, God’s will would be obeyed.

Sat Apr 16/22

Verse 1

Therefore I glory in Christ Jesus in my service to God. Ro 15:17

Paul’s purpose in life was to make Jesus Christ known to the Gentiles.

Verse 2

Going on from there, he saw two other brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John. They were in a boat with their father Zebedee, preparing their nets. Jesus called them. Mt 4:21

Jesus called James and John to be His disciples.

Verse 3

Then his disciples said to each other, “Could someone have brought him food?” Jn 4:33

Jesus’ disciples urge Him to eat something but He responded that He had food that they were not aware of. Jesus was speaking spiritually. His food was to do His Father’s will and that will was to share the Gospel with the lost.

Sound from Heaven:  God has a plan for everyone.

Paul was called to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles, while James and John were to be Apostles and share the Gospel with the Jews. Jesus was given the task of paying man’s debt and equipping a team to share the Gospel.

Fri Apr 15/22 (Good Friday)

Verse 1

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Mk 11:23

Jesus gives His stedfast faith followers, a promise of mighty works.

Verse 2

 After burying his father, Joseph returned to Egypt, together with his brothers and all the others who had gone with him to bury his father. Gen 50:14

Joseph and his brothers bury Jacob then they return to Egypt.

Verse 3

Hanniel son of Ephod, the leader from the tribe of Manasseh son of Joseph. Nu 34:23

A leader from each tribe was chosen to assign the land.

Sound from Heaven:  God chooses persons for specific assignments, but in other cases, faith determines the person.

Joseph and his brothers had their lives interrupted to carry out an assignment which in this case was to bury their father. In the assigning of the parcels of land, a leader from each tribe was chosen for this task. But in regards to supernatural works, God uses those who stand firm in their faith. 

Thu Apr 14/22

Verse 1

Therefore it is necessary to choose one of the men who have been with us the whole time the Lord Jesus was living among us, Ac 1:21

The apostles plan to replace Judas with another disciple, who has been with them the whole time that Jesus was with them.

Verse 2

 He will show you a large room upstairs, all furnished. Make preparations there. Lk 22:12

Jesus makes preparations for the last supper.

Verse 3

Whose mother was from Dan and whose father was from Tyre. He is trained to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron, stone and wood, and with purple and blue and crimson yarn and fine linen. He is experienced in all kinds of engraving and can execute any design given to him. He will work with your skilled workers and with those of my lord, David your father. 2 Chr 2:14

Hiram, king of Tyre, in response to Solomon’s request to help in the building of the temple will send Huram-Abi, a man of great skill.

Sound from Heaven:  Man makes decisions in regards to fulfill God’s will.

The Apostles believed God was leading them to choose a replacement for Judas, while Jesus made preparations for the last supper as a future reminder of God’s salvation plan. Solomon prepared to make a great temple for God to meet with His people.

Wed Apr 13/22

Verse 1

Should I not punish them for this?” declares the Lord. “Should I not avenge myself on such a nation as this?” Jer 9:9

Israel stopped acknowledging God and were very sinful leading God to discipline His people.

Verse 2

“Next they traveled through the wilderness, skirted the lands of Edom and Moab, passed along the eastern side of the country of Moab, and camped on the other side of the Arnon. They did not enter the territory of Moab, for the Arnon was its border. Jdg 11:18

Jephthah explained to the Ammonite king that Israel only wanted to pass through the land but were attacked, and therefore, God gave them the land. The Ammonite king ignored Jephthah’s explanation, so Jephthah attacked the king and defeated the Ammonites.

Verse 3

Peter motioned with his hand for them to be quiet and described how the Lord had brought him out of prison. “Tell James and the other brothers and sisters about this,” he said, and then he left for another place. Ac 12:17

Peter was placed in prison but God sent an angel to free Him.

Sound from Heaven:  God judges the apostates but gives victory to His faithful.

Israel had turned from God and His ways and therefore was punished, while the Ammonites tried to reclaim the land and were defeated. King Herod had Peter put in prison but God rescued him.

Tue Apr 12/22

Verse 1

 From early times the prophets who preceded you and me have prophesied war, disaster and plague against many countries and great kingdoms. Jer 28:8

Jeremiah rebuked Hananiah for prophesying peace because it wasn’t from God.

Verse 2

The king’s word, however, overruled Joab and the army commanders; so they left the presence of the king to enroll the fighting men of Israel. 2 Sa 24:4

Joab told David that taking a census of fighting men was a lack of trust in God, but David overruled him.

Verse 3

“What have you done?” asked Samuel. Saul replied, “When I saw that the men were scattering, and that you did not come at the set time, and that the Philistines were assembling at Mikmash… 1 Sa 13:11

Saul disobeyed God by offering a burnt offering rather than waiting for Samuel to arrive. The result was that God took away the kingdom from Saul.

Sound from Heaven:  God’s leaders disobey and will be judged.

Hananiah was a prophet, but he wanted to be liked, so he prophesied positive results which God did not endorse. David failed to trust God to protect Israel and relied on the human strength of his army. Saul walked by sight rather than on God’s command and offered a burnt offering when only the priests were allowed.

Mon Apr 11/22

Verse 1

So Moses said to Israel’s judges, “Each of you must put to death those of your people who have yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor.” Nu 25:5

Satan seduced Israel to commit sexual immorality with the Moabite women, who led them to idol worship. God’s judgment was to put to death all who were involved.

Verse 2

A champion named Goliath, who was from Gath, came out of the Philistine camp. His height was six cubits and a span. 1 Sa 17:4

Israel feared the Philistines, in particular Goliath who was a giant warrior.

Verse 3

I will destroy from among their people anyone who does any work on that day. Lev 23:30

After God gave Israel the Day of Atonement to celebrate, He warned the people that He would destroy anyone who worked on that holy day.

Sound from Heaven:  Man should fear death from God not his enemy. Mt 10:28

The Israelites feared Goliath because of his size but did not fear God and committed sexual immorality and participated in idol worship. God had to remind His people that if they disobeyed His commandment of work on the day of Atonement that He would kill them. We are to have an eternal perspective toward death. The first death everyone will experience Heb 9:27 but this judgment can lead to the second death, which is eternal separation from God Rev 20:14,15.

Sun Apr 10/22

Verse 1

This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed. 1 Co 4:1

The nature of true apostleship is being a servant of God, sharing the mysteries that He has revealed.

Verse 2

“‘So you will be my people, and I will be your God.’” Jer 30:22

Our relationship as seen through God’s eyes.

Verse 3

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. Ps 36:9

The Holy Spirit is the Fountain of Life which we discover by seeking God and His truth.

Sound from HeavenA progressive relationship with God.

Our relationship with God begins when we receive the Gospel. He sends His Holy Spirit to live in us, to guide us into all truth. At this point, He calls us His people. As we grow in the knowledge of God, our role is to share the mysteries that God has revealed to us through His Holy Spirit.

Sat Apr 9/22

Verse 1

Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord. Ps 130:1

The people turn to God when they are in need of mercy.

Verse 2

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. Pr 12:25

Fear can depress us but a good word gives us encouragement.

Verse 3

From Benjamin: Eliada, a valiant soldier, with 200,000 men armed with bows and shields. 2 Chr 17:17

Jehoshaphat kept experienced fighters in Jerusalem to protect the kingdom.

Sound from HeavenWe rely on God during trials but must do our part also.

We rely on God’s mercy to change our circumstances and a encouraging word to lift our depression, but we must do our part in protecting our safety Mt 4:6,7.

Fri Apr 8/22

Verse 1

“As the new heavens and the new earth that I make will endure before me,” declares the Lord, “so will your name and descendants endure. Isa 66:22

God promised that His new heavens and earth and His followers will endure forever.  

Verse 2

Those Hebrews who had previously been with the Philistines and had gone up with them to their camp went over to the Israelites who were with Saul and Jonathan. 1 Sa 14:21

Israel was routing the Philistines causing the Hebrews to support Saul’s army.

Verse 3

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ Mt 4:4

Jesus relates the importance of feeding on God’s Word daily.

Sound from HeavenGod will reward true believers.

God has prepared a beautiful earth for His people in eternity. Those who turn to Him and feed on His truths will be rewarded eternally. 

Thu Apr 7/22

Verse 1

King Solomon conscripted laborers from all Israel—thirty thousand men. 1 Ki 5:13

King Solomon conscripted 30,000 laborers to help build the temple of God.

Verse 2

‘I will make a covenant of peace with them and rid the land of savage beasts so that they may live in the wilderness and sleep in the forests in safety. Eze 34:25

The Lord rebuked His shepherds for not caring for His people and would make a New Covenant and ultimately install the Son of David (Jesus) as the Head Shepherd to search for His lost sheep and bless them.

Verse 3

Lord, when you favored me, you made my royal mountain stand firm; but when you hid your face, I was dismayed. Ps 30:7

David recounts how the Lord showed him favor as King and blessed his people but during trials David’s dismay turned him to prayer and deliverance.

Sound from HeavenThe Leadership of Israel-Good and Bad

King Solomon honored God by building a spectacular temple using all of Israel’s resources, while many of Israel’s religious leaders used their position for their own benefit, causing God to judge them and to make a new agreement, which His Son would administrate. David was an example of a man after God’s own heart, who God delivered from many trials.

Wed Apr 6/22

Verse 1

and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Woe to the women who sew magic charms on all their wrists and make veils of various lengths for their heads in order to ensnare people. Will you ensnare the lives of my people but preserve your own? Eze 13:18

God warned the Israelite daughters, who were prophesying out of their own imagination that their judgment would be certain.

Verse 2

Whatever is needed—young bulls, rams, male lambs for burnt offerings to the God of heaven, and wheat, salt, wine and olive oil, as requested by the priests in Jerusalem—must be given them daily without fail, Ezra 6:9

The Jews found favor with King Darius in the building of the temple.

Verse 3

I myself will set my face against him and will cut him off from his people; for by sacrificing his children to Molek, he has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name. Lev 3:20

God will discipline any Israelite who sacrifices his children to Molek.

Sound from HeavenThe Justice and Mercy of God

God hated false prophets and would judge their actions. He also would not stand for the killing of babies that were offered to the false god Molek. On the other hand, He was merciful to His people after the exile, and gave them favor in rebuilding the temple. 

Tue Apr 5/22

Verse 1

But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction. Job 36:15

Many times, God gets the attention of the spiritual drowsy in difficult times not in good times.

Verse 2

 “Another said, ‘I have just bought five yoke of oxen, and I’m on my way to try them out. Please excuse me.’ Lk 14:19

God had invited people to His banquet feast but many made excuses because they didn’t want to attend the marriage banquet.

Verse 3

Paul greeted them and reported in detail what God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry. Ac 21:19 

The Gentiles received the Gospel with joy while many Jews resisted, not wanting to let go of their traditions.  

Sound from HeavenThe drawing of men to the Gospel.

God used suffering and affliction to draw many to Himself. Those with hard hearts fell away (Jews) while those, who were truly remorseful and grateful (Gentiles), received the Gospel with joy.

Mon Apr 4/22

Verse 1

Do you count the months till they bear? Do you know the time they give birth? Job 39:2

God questioned Job about simple observations from nature, which Job was not able to answer and yet nature advanced smoothly. So, Job should trust God with his circumstances, for He is in control of every situation.

Verse 2

 In the seventh month of that same year, Hananiah the prophet died. Jer 28:17

God judged Hananiah with death for his false prophecies.

Verse 3

As Jesus was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to him, “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” Mk 13:1

Jesus corrected the disciples thinking about the temple. It may have looked impressive from the outside but God was going to destroy it completely, as its’ leaders were corrupt and soon the Holy Spirit would be guiding God’s people from inside their temples.

Sound from HeavenGod is sovereign

Job needed to trust God, even though he was unaware of why he was suffering. In God’s time, He does bring justice to account. We can be deceived in our understanding and therefore need to rely on God’s sovereignty. 

Sun Apr 3/22

Verse 1

Gather up your belongings to leave the land, you who live under siege. Jer 10:17

Jeremiah told the Jews to gather their belongings for they will be exiled by the Babylonians. Judah’s leaders are responsible for the nation’s failure.

Verse 2

Praise him with timbrel and dancing, praise him with the strings and pipe. Ps 150:4

Use music to demonstrate your devotion to God.

Verse 3

Here is the fate God allots to the wicked, the heritage a ruthless man receives from the Almighty. Job 27:13

Job is discussing the fate of the wicked in the next life. Many wicked men prosper in this life but God will mete out justice in eternity.

Sound from HeavenMotives can hide true judgment 1 Ti 5:24.

God blamed the religious leaders for the coming exile while God is praised by those who love Him. Everyone’s motives will be exposed in eternity.

Sat Apr 2/22

Verse 1

So the men of Kiriath Jearim came and took up the ark of the Lord. They brought it to Abinadab’s house on the hill and consecrated Eleazar his son to guard the ark of the Lord. 1 Sa 7:1

Because of the plagues God sent, the Philistines returned the ark of the Lord, then the men of Kiriath Jearim brought it Abinadab’s house to guard it.

Verse 2

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. 2 Pe 1:2

Peter gives a blessing to all who have come to know the Lord.

Verse 3

Consume them in your wrath, consume them till they are no more. Then it will be known to the ends of the earth that God rules over Jacob. Ps 59:13

David prayed that the Lord would consume his enemies to glorify Himself.

Sound from HeavenGod is sovereign with the ability to judge or bless.

The Philistines captured the ark but soon realized the power of God and returned it to the Israelites. Peter prayed blessings for God’s people, while David begged the Lord to judge his enemies.

Fri Apr 1/22

Verse 1

 So Saul and his three sons died, and all his house died together. 1 Chr 10:6

The unhappy result of a family not living up to its potential.

Verse 2

We will make you earrings of gold, studded with silver. SS 1:11

Solomon’s gift to his lover.

Verse 3

But showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. Dt 5:10

God is just and will punish the evil doers and love the obedient.

Sound from HeavenGod gives every man the freedom to choose how to live out his life, but with consequences.

Saul and his family were not faithful to God and their lives ended ignominiously. To those who love God, He will bless them in this life, and will lavish love on them in eternity.