Looking down at feet, to look up to see Jesus.


God gave us ten toes and He gave me ten “feet” milestones. Use these number meanings to help remember these verses.

#1 most important number (cross-pierced feet)

#2 two qualities (grateful, humble- kissed feet)

#3 Trinity (holiness-bare feet)

#4 World (overcoming-victorious feet)

#5 Grace (gospel-beautiful feet)

#6 Man (serving-washed feet)

#7 God’s Number (learning-intimate feet)

#8 Supernatural (faith-miraculous feet)

#9 Finality/Judgment (judgment-bronze feet)

#10 Completion (all subjected-sovereign feet)


  1. Milestone One: Pierced Feet (Lk 24:38-40; Jn 20:27-29; Isa 53:5)

         Meaning: Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross 

My Lord and God, My Healer: Do I contemplate the cost of my freedom and appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice? Am I willing to sacrifice for Jesus’ sake? Am I like Thomas, who has to see to believe, or do I walk by faith?

    2.  Milestone Two: Kissed Feet (Lk 7:38,45,47; 2 Co 13:12; Jas 2:1-4; Gal 3:28)

         Meaning: gratitude and humility

My Forgiver of Sins, worthy of my worship: Mary kissed Jesus’ feet. What kiss was Jesus referring Simon to? Holy kiss. Why were holy kisses promoted among Christian gatherings? avoid favoritism.  What’s the difference between a holy kiss and kissing one’s feet? Holy kiss is between equals (neither slave nor free); Kissing one’s feet is a kiss of great gratitude; a humble servant to the receiver of the kiss. Would Jesus call me, a Simon or a Mary worshipper?

  1. Milestone Three: Bare Feet (Ex 3:5)

         Meaning: Worshipping God in His presence in humility and respect

My Holy God, worthy to be revered. Moses took off his sandals, as only bare feet are allowed in God’s presence (reverence for God). Do I always demonstrate reverence for God while in His presence, which is continually, since He lives inside of me?

    4. Milestone Four: Victorious Feet (Gen 3:15; 1 Jn 5:4,5)

        Meaning: Jesus defeats Satan; so we can overcome the world too.

Victorious God. The Bible prophesied that Jesus would defeat Satan by His death on the cross. I, too can have victory over death and the world by placing my faith in Jesus’ sacrifice.

  1. Milestone Five: Beautiful Feet (Ro 10:15; 2 Pe 3:9; Job 13:27; Ps 107:14; Mt 10:14-15)

         Meaning: go and share Gospel; for unwilling listeners shake the dust off sandals.

My Inclusive God. Beautiful feet that share God’s goal, to release sinners from sin’s slavery (chained feet). Ro 10:15; 2 Pe 3:9. Shackles Job 13:27; Ps 107:14. Are my feet considered beautiful by Jesus because my desire is to share the Gospel with others?

5b. Shake the dust off your feet if hearers refuse to listen to the Gospel message.

  1. Milestone Six: Washed Feet (Jn 13:5; Gal 5:13)

         Meaning: servitude; serving mankind

My Example. Jesus washed the disciples feet. Am I following Jesus’ example of being a servant to other people’s needs, or do I believe like Peter’s initial response, a leader shouldn’t stoop down to be involved in acts of humility?

  1. Milestone Seven: Intimate Feetsitting at the Master’s Feet (Lk 10:39; Mt 23:10; Eph 1:17)

         Meaning: learning to know Him better

My Instructor.  Mary learnt at Jesus’ feet. Mary could hear God’s still small voice because she sat at Jesus’ feet. If I want revelation from God,  I  need to be intimate with God, close enough to hear His whispers, which others further away will not hear. 

  1. Milestone Eight: Miraculous Feet-that can walk on water (Mt 14:22-33)

         Meaning: stepping out in faith and trusting God 

God of Miracles. Peter was able to walk on water as long as his faith was focused on Jesus. When the waves slapped him in the face, he turned his focus onto his circumstances and began to sink. 2 Co 5:7

  1. Milestone Nine: Bronze Feet (Rev 1:15; Mt 25:31-33, 46)

         Meaning: Jesus will judge the world

My Righteous Judge. Since I know Christ, I have crossed from death to life Jn 5:24.  I am grateful for His loving mercy and thankful that He is a just God. A bird can’t fly on one wing, it needs balance. Love is balanced by justice.

   10.  Milestone Ten: Sovereign Feet– under the King’s feet (1 Co 15:25-28)

          Meaning: all things are subjected to the Father.

Sovereign God. After Jesus destroys death (believers will ultimately be resurrected and will receive glorified bodies that are imperishable and immortal 1 Co 15:52-54).  He will hand the kingdom back to the Father, so we can all be one in God.