1. God is one in essence/nature.


Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! Dt 6:4

“echad”, is an unified one, illustrating that God is a Trinitarian God.    Gen 2:24  (one flesh but two persons)

whereas the word “yachid”  is an absolute numeric one, only one, solitary,   Gen 22:16    (only son).


1.  Identical Triplets are one in essence/nature.


Identical in gender, DNA, characteristics and features before

epigenetic modification (responsible for differences in traits by turning on or off certain genes).

One egg / one sperm- when united and fertilized become a

zygote;  if this divides and then the second one divides again

three identical zygotes/triplets are formed sharing identical dna, gender, characteristics and features.


 2.  God is three in persons.


Persons are who God is.  Qualities that persons have: they love Jn 3:16; can be grieved Eph 4:30; have their own wills Lk 22:42; can be just 2 Th 1:6, kind Ro 11:22 and compassionate Ps 103:8.

Persons will refer to themselves as “I”: God the Father can say ‘I’  Jn 12:28;  the Son can say ‘I’  Jn 17:4;  the Spirit can say ‘I’  Ac 13:2.  


2.  Identical Triplets are three in persons.


Each person has his own will with identical DNA.



3.  Each person is fully God, and equal in essence. 


i.e.) Father is God Gal 4:6.  Jesus is fully God Col 2:9 not a part that makes one God (i.e. 1/3 God + 1/3 God + 1/3 God = 1 God) but (1 God x 1 God x 1 God = 1 God) Jn 5:18;1 Pe 1:2; ( Jn 1:1,14, Jn 20:28,29; ) Holy Spirit is God ( Ac 5:3, Ac 5:4).                                Correct Math: 1 person + 1 person + 1 person = 1 God

or 3 persons = 1 God


3.  Each triplet is fully a complete person and equal in essence.


Since all three have identical DNA, they are equal in essence.

4.  All three persons are distinct Persons:                                                                             

Father speaking; Jesus coming up out of the water; Holy Spirit like a dove coming upon Jesus Mt 3:16,17.


Distinct Roles:

Creation: Father plans Gen 1:26, Jesus creates Col 1:16, and Holy Spirit brings life into the world Job 33:4.

Salvation: Father plans, Jesus is the sacrifice and Holy Spirit sanctifies 1 Pe 1:2.


4.  All three persons are distinct.


At conception all three are identical.


After epigenetic modification all three persons are distinct.






Called GodGal 1:1Jn 20:28Ac 5:3,4
EternalPs 90:2Mic 5:2NASBHeb 9:14
Omnipresent1 Ki 8:27Mt 28:20Ps 139:7-10
Omniscience1 Jn 3:20Jn 2:24,251 Co 2:10,11
OmnipotentJer 32:17Heb 1:3Ro 15:19
Life GiverGen 2:7Jn 5:212 Co 3:6,8