Week 1: Reach for the Heavens

Spend a week in the heavens by setting your hearts and minds where Christ is seated, not on earthly things because you are a new creation Col 3:1,2,3; 2 Co 5:17.

Day 1: Sleepy Dreamer

Sleepy Dreamer won’t you rise. Wipe those clouds from your sleepy eyes.

Wake up Sinner from your sleep. The time is short, so be wise and serve the Lord with all your heart.

Day 2: Fly

In the blue and endless skies, Oh Lord, You let me fly.

Spend your time focusing on the eternal not the temporal things 2 Co 4:17,18.

Day 3: His Love Never Changes 

The highway to holiness is limitless, heaven can’t be far away.

We battle on holy ground Jos 5:15, on the narrow way Mt 7:14, against spiritual enemies Eph 6:12, yet it is available for all 2 Pe 3:9.

Day 4: Everyday I Love You More

Lift me higher Precious Lord, to the heavens let me fly.

Commune with God daily Mk 1:35; Lk 6:12.

Day 5: He’s The Light 

And in His power He drew up the sky, separated from earth, now we can choose to fly.

You can live in your own strength or by His mighty Spirit Zec 4:6.

Day 6: My Champion

I will fly away and find my rest. I will hurry to my refuge, my place of shelter…The Lord lifts me up and carries me into the heavens.

Restore and renew your weary soul by charging it with God’s power.

Day 7: Sound From Heaven

What I need is Your sound from heaven. Your melody for all time.

I will be still and know You are God Ps 46:10. As I draw near to You, You will draw near to me Jas 4:8. Like Elijah, I’ll listen for Your voice and realize that Your peace is not in Your power 1 Ki 18:38 but in Your presence 1 Ki 19:12. Your promise is to never leave or forsake me Heb 13:5; Mt 28:20; Jn 14:16; Zep 3:17. I will complete the work You have prepared for me Eph 2:10.


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Isa 56:10; Col 2:13; 2 Co 4:6; Jn 1:4; 2 Pe 3:9; 1 Jn 4:19; 2 Co 5:20; 2 Co 6:2; Rev 4:11 KJV; Jn 3:16; Rev 21:2,3,4;

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Ps 40:2; Eph 1:3; Jas 4:7; Lk 15:19.


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