In the wee hours of daybreak before Community stirred

You found a solitude place to commune with Your Father.

A well-practiced intimacy skill for me to exploit

Déjà vu, me with You, my most gratifying indulgence.


You faithfully submitted Your will to Abba and loyally obeyed.

And after Your victory celebration settled

You focused on an inconsequential prize.

Teaching and guiding me, your wayward lamb

Modelling wisdom, love and righteousness; for me to imitate.


I was to love others and evince compassion.

To work these hands for good, not evil.

Pour the oil of empathy on the emotional crippled.

Garner humility to conquer hateful opposition

And dispense mercy to struggling sinners.


During my tutelage, You became my Irresistible Sage

Drawing me powerfully like a magnet.

Down compelling black holes filled with Your light

To satisfy my inquisitive mind for hidden treasure.

You are the One, I desire to please 

With aspirations of membership

Into the Inner Circle Lovers Club.

 My Champion and Teacher, my Everlastingness.



To You, Lord who called all into existence, I will fly away and find my rest. I will hurry to my refuge, my place of shelter. I will enjoy Your sweet company morning to night.