Your essence is light. 

You gave birth to light, a Kingdom through Your divine command.

As the Father of lights, Your light controls my days and nights 

Providing me with a timeframe to evaluate my daily progress.

A creation most wonderful, exquisite, and cheering.


You sent the Sun of Righteousness to be the Light of the World.

A mixed blessing for humanity. 

Judgment to those who would not see; the consuming kind.

 But for the believing

Healing in His wings, at the edges of His garment. 

She had faith and touched those fringes 

Connecting heaven to earth

So Your healing power released living water.


Your light shone down as truth 

And filled my heart with Your Spirit, now spilling out upon others.

The Good News of the Kingdom of Light

Of which Your Son is celebrated; by all who have received this glow.

And on that glorious day there will be no need of sun or moon

For You and the Lamb will provide all the splendor necessary.


I wait patiently for that day 

When I will enter into the fullness of Your mysteries.

The secrets of Your eternal dwelling of light

And be consumed with Your presence and love 

Which Your light will reveal to insignificant, grateful me.



For He is our Creator and our Rescue from the Fall and even in the blackest night, He’s the light that saves us all.