The prodigal son was wastefully extravagant with his father’s inheritance.

I too, for thirty-three years had been spiritually imprudent

In regard to Your gracious offer of unceasing life.

And even though You daily dispensed provision

From Your fertile field of goodness

I remained antisocial and continued to resist Your love.

It was pride and flesh controlling conscience

That kept me from escaping carnal lordship.


Little did I comprehend the depth of my bondage

Spiritually underwater, bankrupt, many leagues beneath the sea.

For I had never read in Your dictionary

That submission was a synonym for freedom.

A veridical paradox. Like when I’m weak, I’m strong!


Your Word then began a spring thaw

On my unenlightened belief system.

Like Paul at the house of Judas, my lids were opened.

My inborn nature soon befallen by the illumination of the Spirit.


Later, I considered the blind man conceptualizing a sunset.

Since he’d never seen one, how accurate would his perception be?

At best he would describe red as a warm feeling.

But with God capability, I could distinguish a million colours

Leaving the indiscriminating skeptic to ruminate at the dumpster

While I feasted on the Bread of Life and drank His finest wine.


Lord, if my beloved, drowsy, faithless kin won’t solicit truth

How will they unveil Glory?

Hear my petition that I nail to the door of Your heart.

Unlock the shutters of their spiritual windows.

Give them a glimpse in 3-D.

Let them taste and see that the Lord is good.

And transform their stony cardiac pumps

Into a perpetual well which gushes out living water. 



How did you lose your way? Now lost in your helpless estate. Wake up dreamer, it’s not too late. Rise up now your First Love waits.