Exodus and the Christian Life



The Israelites were in physical bondage to the Egyptians. God sends Moses to free His people.

Mankind is in spiritual bondage to sin Ro 3:23, in Satan’s kingdom of darkness 1 Jn 5:19; Eph 2:1,2. God, who is Light 1 Jn 1:5 sends Light 2 Co 4:6, His one and only Son, Jesus, the Light of the world Jn 8:12, to save mankind Jn 3:17 from the kingdom of darkness Ac 26:17,18; 1 Pe 2:9.



The Israelites were delivered from the death of their firstborn and subsequently from the Egyptians by sacrificing the Passover lamb then placing its blood on the doorpost of their homes. When the destroying angel saw the blood on the doorpost, he passed over that home, but without the blood on a doorpost, the firstborn was killed. This led Pharaoh to finally let the Israelites go.

Jesus is mankind’s Passover lamb 1 Co 5:7, who takes away our sins Jn 1:29, if we place our faith in Him Ro 3:25. We have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son Col 1:13.


The Israelites supernaturally crossed the Red Sea on dry ground while the Egyptian army who followed, was drowned and permanently separated from the Israelites.

We are to be baptized after believing in Christ Ac 10:47,48. The symbolism of going down into the water is separation, death to our old man (the part of our being that only desires to please itself) from controlling our life Ro 6:6. When we rise out of the water, we rise with the life of Christ in us Ro 6:4, who will control our new life Gal 2:20.



The wilderness is where God tested the true quality of each person’s faith. Moses went up the mountain and returned with God’s tablets of commandments, providing all their needs for life (physical provisions Ex 16:4) and godliness (commandments Ex 19:5,6). God did this to make Israel a light for the other nations Isa 49:6, to come to know the true God Gen 12:3. However, most Israelites were disobedient and died in the wilderness. The obedient ones (Joshua and Caleb), along with the second generation Israelites were allowed to cross the Jordan River.

Jesus passed His wilderness test against Satan by quoting the Word of God Mt 4:4; Mt 4:7; Mt 4:10. We are also tested in our wilderness trials to prove that our faith is genuine 1 Pe 1:7 or to show us that we are not in the faith 2 Co 13:5.  God has given true believers everything they need for life (Holy Spirit) and godliness (God’s Word) 2 Pe 1:3 NASB. If we fail our test, we prove that we never did belong to Christ 1 Jn 2:19. If we are like the good soil, we will remain faithful through our trials Mt 13:23. Possessors all pass the test while the professors (unbelievers) fall away and will experience eternal death Mt 13:20,21, Mt13:22; Heb 6:4,5,6 (ie. Judas); Heb 6:7,8 (ie. fake disciples Mt 7:21,22,23).



The second generation of Israelites were allowed to cross the Jordan River and battle the enemy to possess the land. If they trusted God, He would give them the victory to secure the land.

Only the Christians that build on Christ with quality works will be rewarded 1 Co 3:14. The Christians that do not have quality works will suffer loss yet will be saved—enter heaven 1 Co 3:15. This stage will determine how well we battled for Christ.


The Israelites possessed the physical land but how they enjoyed the land depended upon their obedience to God (for example, when they did not completely wipe out the enemy, they eventually married within, which caused a falling away from the true God and then brought God’s judgment Dt 7:16; Dt 20:18.

Christians will enter their heavenly rest with new spiritual bodies that will differ in glory 1 Co 15:40,41;  Php 2:14,15.


STAGE 1: We are sinners in spiritual bondage to Satan.

STAGE 2: God sent Jesus, our deliverer, to die for our sins to free us from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. It is a free gift that is received by faith, through our acknowledgement that we are sinners deserving death, and our trust in Jesus.

STAGE 3: We receive salvation by faith in Christ, our baptism symbolizing that we have declared we are dead to our “old man” (living for our own desires) and alive to Jesus to direct our new life as He sees fit for the benefit of His Kingdom of Light.

STAGE 4: God will test our faith to prove it is genuine.

STAGE 5: We are to prepare for battle by diligently studying the Word with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to give us the means to victory over these trials.

STAGE 6: God has a plan for each saint. How well we follow His directions will determine what rewards we will receive in heaven.

STAGE 7: We will enter our heavenly rest, given new bodies differing in glory determined by our rewards.