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Who is It? Rev 5:5 or 1 Pe 5:8

Who is It? Rev 5:5 or 1 Pe 5:8

There is a lack of discernment today, such that many Christians have a difficult time distinguishing the thoughts of God from Satan’s. Yes, Satan does masquerade as an angel of light, 2 Co 11:14 but Paul said, Satan should not outwit us, for we are not unaware of his schemes. 2 Co 2:11 My prayer is that “Morning Devotions” will not only draw you into deeper intimacy with the Lord but also give you better discernment.

For example, we are commanded in Ephesians to put on the whole armor of God. Most Christians can identify the different pieces of armor, but few really understand their significance in our spiritual battle with Satan and how they benefit us, in our daily living struggles. Putting on the seven pieces of armor daily by understanding what they are and how they help defeat the enemy is a worthy goal for all of us.

Music is also a powerful medium that can help you draw closer to God. The songs on this site have helped me through many trials and like the Psalms, they persuade my wrong thinking back onto God’s truth and wisdom. This oasis honors the triune God through scripture, prayer, songs, devotions and photography. There is no daily pattern to this devotional site. Allow the Holy Spirit to customize your devotion from day to day as He knows best what you need for today and tomorrow.

One last important point.  All Christians are fallible in their interpretation of Scripture, especially me.  Therefore, I urge everyone to apply Ac 17:11, checking out what I have written in regards to the true context of that passage found in the Bible.  Discard any of my thoughts that are not scripturally true.  My motives are pure, but I will be growing and revising my understanding of the Bible until the day I see Jesus face to face 1 Co 13:12. So I pray we all can enjoy the breakfast Jesus has prepared for us, it’s full of nutritious spiritual food.   Remember, I do not expect a tip for serving your meal but if you find that I have dropped something onto your plate that shouldn’t be there, politely tell me and I’ll try my best to be more careful with the next meal.

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