And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was lightGod saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day. Gen 1:3-5






Jn 14:6



Light = Revelation and Hope
Isa 60:1,2

Deliverance from darkness—spiritual death and Satanic bondage Eph 2:1,2,3

Jesus Incarnated 
Jn 1:14 

The Light of the World 
Jn 8:12; 2 Co 4:6; Isa 9:2

Giving people revelation and hope 
Lk 2:30,31,32; Lk 2:38 


God had revealed His plan of salvation (after Adam’s Fall) in the Creation account. Each day had hidden symbolism which gave His people insight into the history they had experienced.

Day one symbolized one way back to God the Father 1 Jn 5:20 through Jesus Christ Jn 14:6, the true God Jn 1:1. The Father’s eternal plan (sending Jesus to save His people) Eph 3:10,11 was conceived from the creation of our world Rev 13:8. God knew that Satan would attempt to destroy His goal and therefore established the Kingdom of Light Col 1:12,13,14 (an eternal kingdom for His adopted children Jn 1:12, 1 Th 5:5, who would enter in by believing in Jesus’ finished work Jn 3:16) to counter Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness Ac 26:18. 

This truth is symbolized in the Exodus account as God gave His people hope in Moses, who would deliver the Israelites from Egyptian bondage. Jesus, later would deliver man from his bondage to Satan Heb 2:14 and sin Ro 6:23.

Light represented good and darkness evil. Adam’s sin brought mankind an awareness of good and evil Gen 3:7, and sin became the spiritual pattern, illustrated by the evening and morning. Evening portraying the darkness of the fallen world, which all men would now be born into, as sinners Ps 51:5—losing the Holy Spirit that God had breathed into Adam at creation Gen 2:7, and which he and Eve lost after they sinned Gen 2:17; Gen 3:6. God had created Adam and Eve in His likeness, spiritually alive but now marred by sin, Adam’s offspring would be born in man’s likeness Gen 5:1,3—spiritually dead, separated from the life of God Eph 2:1,2,3. Morning light—the dawn and noonday sun symbolized Jesus’ salvation and sanctification Ps 37:6; Isa 58:10. He restored the Holy Spirit to man after His death, beginning with His disciples by breathing on them Jn. 20:22; 1 Co 15:45.

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