When you feel depressed, follow the emotions that brought on this depression back to its roots. It will lead to a situation where one of your four basic needs was not being met.  When you apply God’s truth through renewing your mind these emotions will respond and follow your will (correct thinking). When you obey God’s principles the fruit will be love, peace and joy rather than anxiety, fear, loneliness, unloved, uselessness, worthlessness, frustration, emptiness and the likes.
Use the chart below to discover what basic need is attached to your present emotions.
BN Emotions MD


Then read the statements regarding this need in the realm that is affecting you.

BN listed part one

BN Listed part two

Read the verses that relate to your emotions.  Renew your mind by repeating the truth.

BN Christian viewpoint versesTo experience godly emotions follow these steps: believe God’s promises, replace your wrong thinking with God’s truth, walk by faith not by sight until your negative emotions submit to your correct thinking.