Today’s Chew:

That evening she prayed to the Father and had a vision. She was feeling sorry for herself and telling God no one had ever loved her, and since the incident as a child, she had felt unworthy because of being violated. Then God spoke to her, “Julia, your mother loves you, your husband loves you, and your children love you, but far more than all of these, I have always loved you.” This truth moved Julia emotionally, but then she turned her attention to the “Teddy Boy” issue, being raped when she was seven years old. Julia desired to know, how God would punish her perpetrator, for what he had done to her. All this time, Julia had been on her knees, and when she looked up to see the Father, she expected to see the mighty Judge of the universe in a black magistrate robe, but to her surprise, it was the Jesus of Golgotha. He was holding out His hands, for her to see His nail prints. She broke down and cried and asked forgiveness for her sins and forgave her rapist for the crime he had committed against her. All bitterness left her, and a new love enveloped her being. The God she used to write prayers and poems to, she now had come to know as her Bridegroom. In the future, Julia would have opportunities to share her story of rape and forgiveness with other young women who had experienced the same self-demeaning tragedy.

Excerpt from “If God Gave Me A Voice” by Streeter and Tang.

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