The very first string of words penned

In Your book of origins

Heralded that You were the Three-in-One God

By combining the plural noun “Elohim”

With the singular verb “bara.”

“God created,” yes, the Three Persons-in-One God did!


And when You decided to beget man

It was “Let us” make man, not “Let me.”

You created man in Your image

To love as You love in the Godhead.

For love needed an object, another Beloved

To activate the concept of relational love.


You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Concealing the Godhead’s identity in these three lives.

Father Abraham, the Source

Son Isaac, the Sacrifice

And Jacob, a transformed spirit renamed Israel.

God called Abraham, He saved Isaac and He changed Jacob.

The Father planned.

 The Son executed the plan.

 And the Holy Spirit gave new life.


Apprehending the Trinity is possible

But comprehending You is unattainable.

The best I can do is visualize three identical triplets.

They are three persons

Yet, have identical DNA.

Three Who’s, but one What!

Three Persons with one Essence.

Or one God cloned in three Persons.


So, even though I will never grasp

The fullness of Your nature

I will adore You with my lips,

Reverent You with my mind

And seek to commune with You in my spirit.

You transcend understanding

Yet, are not beyond worshiping.


Loving Father, architect of all. Faithful Son, and builder of God’s great hall. You are the Master, You are the Craftsman, such a treasure You bestowed, sending Your Holy Spirit to guide us wherever we go.