I was once bound to the spirit of this world

But now emancipated

To partake in the divine nature

 One with the Lord.

My spirit core being renewed and illuminated

With rays of sunlight.

Splashing outwardly as good deeds

Onto skeptical antagonists.


I’ve been metamorphized.

Made new.

Given vision in the darkness.

Exposing my hypocrisies

Tenderizing my uncharitable actions

Populating love while supplanting narcissism.


A fresh perception

A glimpse of the majestic Lord.

Empathy yoked to kindness.

Worth and value bestowed upon me

Displayed through Your eyes of compassion.

Providing and protecting

Like a mother nurturing her infant child.

Lord, You are my love.



Then Your Spirit comforts me and all my problems seem like grains of sand.