After You elevated Julia to Paradise

 I pursued creativity

 to keep my mind from lamenting over my loss.

However, a fog rolled in

 keeping Your goal out of sight.


Entered Loneliness,

my latest ubiquitous companion.

Desperate for an annulment

I began my pilgrimage.

A thirsty quest to hear Your voice.


As I rushed to storm Your walls

I reverently addressed You as the God of gods

and attempted to describe the indescribable,

the unbegotten, pristine Lord.

Beyond human words, unimaginable

yet revealed through Your Son

as loving, courageous and humble.


I then turned my eyes to Jesus

and declared:

 I know of Your triumph

and Your sufferings for me.

That in itself, is too lofty to grasp;

the value You have placed

on such an insignificant soul

called george.


Holy Spirit living inside of me

I petition You to tune my ears

to the frequency which is known as godly.

Replace Lady Loneliness with Your inspirational thoughts.

Help me rise above these nimbostratus clouds

and feel Your Son shine

while I battle to victory

as a member of the bride of Christ.


Oh my God, oh my Lord, You are mine and I am Yours
Oh my God, oh my Lord with me today and forever more.