Jesus the interposer between the celestial and the terrestrial.

Sent to do God’s will on earth, as is in heaven.

The Mediator between God and man.

The Stairway, whom Jacob beheld in a dream

And later Nathaniel was told to observe

As the angels ministered up and down on the Son of Man.


Yet, Mary, the Pope, nor anyone else

Can be the Mediator for man.

For there is only One—Bridge to Life.

Only One—Breath of Life.

Only One—Tree of Life.

Only One—River of Life.

Only One—Resurrection and the Life.

And only One could join sinful man to a Holy God.


The Holy Spirit hovered over the deep (Rev 17:15)

But like oil and water, they could not mix.

Then enter in, the Emulsifier

His blood uniting sinful man to the life-giving Spirit of God.


So now, all are beckoned to journey by the Star of Jacob

Which leads to the Cursed Tree.

And those who gaze at the Bronze Snake will be healed

By the Great Physician—our Lover and King.


Come to me, He bellows

Eat my Unleavened Bread and drink from my Crushed Grapes

For hunger and thirst will flee forevermore.



Sending Jesus through blood and water

Placed our sins on Your Holy One

Gave us life through Your Son.