At the wedding in Cana Jesus shows God’s grace, His salvation, a contrast to what the world can offer man.   He takes six empty stone jars and fills them to the brim with water. Six is man’s number; the lifeless stones are then filled to the brim with natural water (physical life). Then Jesus turns this water into the very best wine, a supernatural transformation, whereby the individuals who partake are filled to the measure of all the fullness of God (Eph 3:19). Man is born again, raised to life on the third day of the wedding, just as Jesus was raised on the third day after his death (Mt 17:23). The Banquet Master had no idea where this wine had come from but knew that it was the very best of wines leaving him perplexed.   The world’s way is to serve the choice wine first, and then when the guests have had too much to drink and cannot discern the quality, the cheap wine is served.     However, the wine God provides is not like the world’s wine. The world’s wine (way of living) leads to drunkenness, pain and corruption. Its joy turns to headache and heartache in the morning, whereas the wine that Jesus provides (way of living) is pure (Holy Spirit), the best you have ever tasted that brings everlasting joy. As Christians, we are to pour out our good wine at all times (Col 3:23), not only at first impression meetings, which is the world’s way of doing business.    So, just as the Banquet Master did not know where the wine had come from, the lost may not recognize the source of our good deeds. However, they will not deny the true joy and love that they have observed in a spirit filled life. Once this supernatural life is observed, the unbeliever will never be satisfied with his empty way of living.   So, as we let our light shine, drinking from the fountain that Jesus provides (Ps 36:8,9), God will be glorified (Mt 5:16).

Play: Blood and Water