Jesus gave His disciples a template to interpret His kingdom of God parables Mt 13:18 by explaining each symbolic object. Below, I have given you my thoughts concerning my prayer to God, hoping that this template will lead you to discover even more than I had designed in my following poems. Happy hunting!

Mt 6:9
He lives above the clouds, unreachable for me, yet I recognize God’s Sovereignty and I humbly submit before Him.

Your intimacy is masked in clouds
Jn 1:18
I have never seen God but like Jn 3:8, I have felt His power in my life.

difficult to grasp
1 Co 13:12
There are times when I think I understand God, but soon that knowledge causes me to realize how little I know Him and His ways.

like vapor.
Ecc 1:2
The Hebrew word “hebel” means vapor or breath. Trying to grab hold of God is like trying to take hold of a cloud––nearly impossible.

Yet, I persistently pursue
Jas 4:8
My wife Julia was my best and closest friend. We had an intimate relationship in every possible way. She would listen to my dreams and concerns, giving me encouragement to pursue my goals and embrace me in times of turmoil to give me strength to carry on. Now, that she has been promoted (experiencing “gain”) Php 1:21, I have turned to the Lord to fulfill this need Gen 2:18. Even though I find it frustrating, not to audibly hear or see Him, God has wonderfully comforted me 2 Co 1:3,4 and has given me encouragement through His Word Ps 119:103; Heb 4:12. What I miss is the physical aspect of Julia’s presence. In the late evenings, while lying in bed, my loneliness cries out to God to speak to me or appear visually, but this is not how the spirit world works. So, I have tenaciously pursued God to discover the spiritual realm secrets of intimacy to shed my loneliness.

Hoping the outcome will one day become intoxicatedly euphoric.
Eph 5:18
Many people live for the weekends, to get drunk on alcohol and experience a happy “buzz.” But Paul says there is something more ecstatic than wine, which is being filled with the Spirit, an addicting pleasure of love Eph 3:19 and joy Ac 13:52.
Jn 17:3 The word “know” in the Greek is “ginosko,” which is the same word used in Lk 1:34 KJV, “And Mary [a virgin] said to the angel, ‘How will this be since I do not know (1097/ginṓskō = sexual intimacy) a man?'”
I want to know God intimately in the spiritual realm and have made strides, but am still far from my goal of being intoxicatedly euphoric.

Your faithfulness is atmospheric, right up to the third heaven.
Ps 36:5; 2 Co 12:2.
This description reminds me of my daughter’s response as a child, when we would ask her how much she loved her grandmother? She would extend her arms as wide as she could and say, “that much!”

In Your presence, Your holiness overwhelms. Like a leper, I cry unclean and take off my shoes.
Isa 6:5; Mk 1:40; Ex 3:5.
Isaiah, the leper, and Moses, all had a taste of God’s presence and were overwhelmed by the Lord’s holiness. In my obscure meetings with God, I, too have comprehended my unworthiness to be in the presence of the “Ultimate Righteousness.”

Your mercy is titanic, far too grand for my Enemy to sink.
Jn 10:10.
Jesus came to give life to the wicked Ro 5:6,8, which showed His amazing grace and nothing Satan could say to deceive me Jn 8:44 would be able to sink my ship 1 Co 1:8.

Your forgiveness oceanic, You’ve cast my sins into the deep, and buried them in the catacombs of oblivion.
Col 2:13; Mic 7:19.
Jesus has forgiven all of my sins, past, present and future, never to see them again Heb 10:17, allowing me to enter His Holy of Holies with confidence and boldness Heb 10:19; Heb 4:16 KJV.

Your love is tender and unwavering, which was poured out at the Cross.
Jn 19:27; Mt 26:42,46.
There is no tender love greater than a son’s love for his mother. While Jesus was enduring excruciating pain on the cross, He turned to John and told him to take care of His mother.
Jesus also knew what was ahead of Him while praying in the garden of Gethsemane, yet, He prayed that the Father’s will be done and when Judas arrived with the soldiers, Jesus embraced the moment Heb 12:2.

In Your death, kindness was displayed in me, a beggar, now given royalty.
Ro 2:4; 1 Pe 2:9.
Jesus demonstrated His kindness to me by taking my punishment and offering me an unending relationship with Him. He has made me a child of the King Jn 1:12, and has given me a great inheritance Ro 8:17. Thank You, Jesus!



Jesus, I love You. You’re the One I adore. You’re the Passover lamb. Your blood covers my door.