Week 2: Gratefulness To God

Spent a week by starting each day with five things that you are grateful for. Observe the pleasant change in your attitude and thank God for that too!


Day 1: Give Thanks

Give thanks to God for His love.  Give thanks to God for giving His Son.

Day 2: Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are all around, like the summer rain when it kisses the ground.

Day 3: Rays of Hope 

And with a grateful heart, a young boy lays down his weary head.

Day 4: What A Friend

Such a love, oh such a love.  Dear Lord we’re so unworthy of.

Day 5: To Be Loved By You

But to be loved by You is everything I need.

Day 6: Blessed 

You chose us before the beginning of time to be blessed, to be Yours.

Day 7: Blood and Water 

How great is Your love Father, sending  Jesus through blood and water.


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