Noel is a young boy who has cerebral palsy and while in Toronto to have brain surgery, had his heart stop and coded. He recovered but the doctors discovered that he has a breathing problem. For sleeping times, they tried using a CPAP machine and mask to help with his respiration but he vomited and the result was near suffocation. The only alternative was a $10,000 new technology machine which could adjust the purity of the oxygen levels. This has solved the problem but a machine like this would be necessary for Noel to return home to Sault Ste. Marie. His parents Jacques and Annette have had no success obtaining funds from their insurance company or the government of Canada and thus the purpose of this fundraiser.

If you would like to help Noel and his family obtain this machine you can donate to: George Farkas by e-transfer at  A few years ago, our group raised $10,000 for Noel to purchase a motorized cart to give him mobility.

Updates to follow.


Saturday, July 31, 2021 Amount Raised
An individual from Bible Fellowship church is willing to give up to $5,000 matching funds. $ 0
$500 $1,000
Sunday, August 1, 2021  
$20 $1,040
$95 $1,230
$3,000 $7,230
Monday, August 2, 2021  
$2,000 $10,615

All additional funds will be given to Jacques and Annette for Noel’s future needs. A downpayment has been made on the machine so Noel can come home but he will have to return to Toronto on August 10.
Lord Jesus, we thank You for answering our many prayers by helping us meet Noel’s needs, You are a magnificent, loving God! Eph 3:20,21

Tuesday, August 3, 2021   Amount Raised
$200   $10,815
$100   $10,915
$500   $11,415
Wednesday, August 4, 2021    
$250   $11,665
$100   $11,765
Thursday, August 5, 2021    
$40   $11,805
Saturday, August 7, 2021
$1000   $12,805
Sunday, August 8, 2021    
$100   $12,905
$100   $13,005
$100   $13,105
$100   $13,205
$2000   $15,205
$70   $15,275
Sunday, August 15, 2021    
$50   $15,325
$100   $15,425