Verse 1EVEN WHEN I’VE HAD A CLOUDY DAY AND MY WORLD SEEMS LIKE A LONELY ROOM, FULL OF GLOOM WHEN WORRY NEVER LETS ME REST AND NIGHT COMES WAY TOO SOON, TOO SOON   A cloudy day is a dreary and depressing time when the sun (God) appears not to be shining.  He is shining, but we need to fly above the clouds (circumstances) to sense His presence.    When we dwell on some issue that seems unsolvable, depression results. If our thoughts center on the problem, our performance is hindered. 
Verse 2LORD YOU GIVE ME HOPE FOR SWEETER TIMES AND THE REST THAT WILL GIVE ME PEACE, YOUR PEACE WITH THE SOUND OF YOUR TENDER VOICE SAYING WON’T YOU COME UNTO ME, I’LL SET YOU FREE   But when we turn to the Lord in prayer, He encourages, reminding us of past deliverances and faithful promises in His Word.   We need to heed Jesus’ words, “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” Mt 11:28.   There is safety, rest and good counsel when we are yoked with Jesus Mt 11:29.  His Word sets us free Jn 8:31,32.
ChorusIN THE BLUE AND ENDLESS SKIES OH LORD YOU LET ME FLY ABOVE MY CARES, ABOVE THIS WORLD ON EAGLE’S WINGS I FLY   Just like an eagle effortlessly soars higher and higher into the air, using the thermal columns to do the work, God lifts us up out of the mire Ps 40:2 and sets our feet on the solid rock, Jesus, who provides His power for us to soar.Ascending into the spiritual realm leaves our earthly cares buried deep below our consciousness Col 3:1,2,3.  When we enter the heavenlies Eph 1:3 with praise and adoration, Satan flees Jas 4:7.
Verse 3DOESNT MATTER IF I LOST MY WAY AND THE ROAD IS FAR TOO LONG, TOO LONG I CAN TURN AND RUN TO YOU I FIND MY STRENGTH IN YOUR LOVING ARMS, YOUR ARMS  The prodigal son lost his way and thought his Father would not accept him back as his son.  But our God is a God of compassion and mercy and when we repent, God welcomes us and we experience His loving protection and His power in our lives. 
Verse 4WHEN MY TROUBLES SEEM LIKE MOUNTAINS HIGH FEELING LIKE NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND, YOU TAKE MY HAND THEN YOUR SPIRIT COMFORTS ME AND ALL MY PROBLEMS SEEM LIKE GRAINS OF SAND, GRAINS OF SAND   There are times when we start to feel sorry for ourselves and think that our plight is worse than anyone else’s and that no one cares for us or understands our situation.   But when our focus turns back to God, He draws near to us with words of comfort and truth and helps us see our condition in the right perspective.  
Chorus 2X