1.  Why are you here on earth?

a)  don’t know     b) don’t care        c) no reason                                         

d)  because of Evolution            e) because God created me

2.  If you believe you are here because of Evolution (answer d)

a)  are you living your life for yourself, for pleasure

b)  are you living your life for yourself and to help others 

c)  are you living your life to make the world a better place

d) are you living for the approval or love from others

If you are living your life for yourself, for pleasure (answer a) then you are being true to your belief system.  If you answered any other option you are co-mingling belief systems.  Evolution does not allow other options: there is no rational reason why you would want to help others, or make this world a better place, or live for the approval or love of others, if you truly believed in Evolution. It has no designer, no conscience, no image of God, just “the survival of the fittest” attribute, which Hitler believed and tried to implement unsuccessfully.  Our consciences came into being after Adam ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and became his own god to decide for himself what was good and what was evil.  

In the theory of Evolution, it was a big bang that brought everything into existence from nothing.  Later primordial soup changed inorganic compounds into organic ones.  Louis Pasteur proved that spontaneous generation of life was not possible but evolutionists still believe that this was possible.  To believe your ancestors were inorganic rocks takes a huge amount of faith.

3.  What would make a sensible person believe the unbelievable above tale? 

a. so he/she could continue living a sinful lifestyle without restraint from God.

b. because he/she believes what they were taught in school /didn’t think to question its unreasonableness.

c. did not want to go against the system for fear of rejection or mocking.

A Word about Fairy Tales: Atheists mock Christians who believe the story of Jonah being in a large fish for three days, or Jesus being born of a virgin, or Jesus being resurrected from the dead. The Bible says: The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. 1 Co 2:14. However, if anyone turns to Christ this veil is lifted off so that they can believe truth 2 Co 3:16.

4.  Why would you still believe in your tale today, when you know that even something as small as a computer in comparison to the universe could not come into existence without a designer?

a. I want to continue in my lifestyle being my own god, independent of the true God.  I do not want to submit to His rules.  In my pride, I would rather believe the Evolution lie than to give up my perceived “freedom” (truthfully you are serving Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness and do not have any true freedom).            

b. I do not want to continue believing this lie.  Show me the truth of why I am on this earth! READ ON!