Like Adam, I delighted in the bride that You had prepared.

Julia completed me, the champion comforter of the twenty-first century.

Like Solomon in his Song, I raved about her beauty; 

Physically captivating and cerebrally engaging.

Forty-two wondrous years collectively, and after a short flip of the sand glass,

We will be united again to worship You, Lord God of Eternity.


You promoted Julia, took away all her tears, sorrows and pain

And left me to tie up the loose ends, which I dutifully have been doing.

Her welfare for our children, family and friends is my enduring goal

For she lived a selfless life dependent upon You, her Rock–– 

Now, wanting to share her heavenly joys with loved ones below.


Give me boldness Holy Spirit to tap shoulders

And arouse their curiosity to uncover the mystery––

Face to face with the beauty of the Lord.


For You are a welcoming oasis, thirst-quenching, mind-changing,

Too marvelous to define, too loving to ever fill, and too regrettable not to discover.

Man’s power is found in weakness, yes repentance

And clarity comes when pride is rooted out.

So open encrusted eyes, Lord 

And let Your Sonshine change darkness into light

And comatose sleep into rejuvenating life.


After all this time we keep carrying on and we love You more and more. After all this time we keep carrying on and it’s You that we adore.