In my quest to unveil Your hiding place

My efforts have brought me out into a vast water desert.

An oxymoron? Not really.

In my mind this wasteland is a dry and lonely habitation

while the sea, the unfathomable depth

between You and me.


As far as my eye can scan, nothing but an aquatic blanket.

Yet more hope than descending into the marine underworld

where darkness and lack of oxygen shatter all hope of opulence.


The sea is extremely capacious and my prayer so feeble!

What odds has a miniscule pauper

To touch the finger of the Almighty?

None, if I turn my back to the plow.


So, though near impossible, my mission continues

Hoping that Your mercy will guide and deliver me

To realize my treasured pursuit—

 Your presence today and forevermore.


Don’t stop believing in your dreams

Don’t stop trusting in His ways

For He is the life that’s within you

And His love will brighten the darkest of days