Abba God, You are the supreme blend of holiness and love.

Two wings that beat in perfect harmony as You travel on the clouds.

Your holiness sustains true justice while Your love displays pure grace.

I celebrate that Your mercy tenderized my hardened core

And You declared me righteous through Your Son’s propitiatory offering.


As I muse on Your magnanimous nature,

I break out in applause.

For You desire relationship with a worm like me!

It’s too lofty a thought to comprehend why

But I’ll avail and exploit Your generous offer

And fill the air waves with affectionate tribute.


As long as these veins pump living water

And stir my inner sanctuary to adoration

I will climb upon Your wall with reverent appreciation

To repeat the refrain:

“Gratitude to God,

The faithful He has called.

Comforter of the Downtrodden,

Who is loved by all.”



You pour Your love down on me to calm the storms of this troubled sea. And the fear that grips my heart Lord, You take away.  And it only makes me love You more.